canadian media company, telling stories in many different media formatsFilms 

Development: investigate content (exotic, historic, scientific, cultural); recommend compelling storylines; determine filming locations; find relevant characters, interview and identify charismatic experts.

Production and Post-Production: working with top independent industry professionals, we’ll pull together a creative team tailored to the needs of each project.


Working closely with each client, we will design and develop the content and structure of your website, including logo design and full branding.

 Social Media

We will help you organize and implement a clear plan to achieve your marketing goals.

Interactive Educational Projects

This is an exciting new area for MIDNIGHT BLUE. We are currently combining our love of science documentary with stunning interactive technologies to bring science to students. Working with scientists, filmmakers and video game designers, we are developing an interactive field trip for high school and university aged students.


MIDNIGHT BLUE is always on the prowl for new collaborative partnership opportunities. Regardless of the format, we particularly love people-driven narratives that rely on adventurous investigation to discover the relevance of game-changing science and socio-political advancements. We welcome proposals from producers around the world and are willing to collaborate at any stage of a project..